Hand-Planes are a little bit of stoke insurance on small days. Throw one in the truck with a pair of flippers and you are set to go. I shape two styles, the fancy elegant Mahealani & the down to business Kuahiwi.

The Mahealani

The Mahealani is equal parts beauty and function. I usually shape these from offcuts of mango & monkeypod. This plane features a crescent tail with funky bottom contours for speed & sleek. The leather strap is pretty stylish too. Choose a bag or stand to keep it safe from the elements.

The Kuahiwi

The Kuahiwi is all business. Made of either vacuumed formed –poplar/mahogany  or bamboo/Birch – veneer it features a single deep bottom concave from tip to toe keeping it light, lively and very fun in waves of all size. Velcro and neoprene make for a comfortable and adjustable strap. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the water, this is the way to do it. Oh, and it comes with a very stylish carry bag.

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